Sara Bardwell UMS

Sara Bardwell

Sara works with on-site managers to ensure projects have the materials they need, when they need it, and in the most resourceful way possible. She communicates directly with suppliers to ensure cost, quality, and terms. Sara orders and tracks materials within UMS for each project, and is responsible for documenting this information. She has implemented strategic vendor procedures to effectively allocate resources while coordinating with other functional areas to ensure customer goals are met.

Hometown: Ponchatoula, LA

In my spare time, you can find me: drinking coffee on my back porch looking at all my pretty song birds. I also spend my spare time traveling with my children so they can experience all the cool things in life.

Little known fact about me: Not much is unknown about me. I’m a big mouth, so it’s hard to keep things on the “down low!”

My favorite part about being a part of the UMS team: Everyone is positive, willing to be a team player, and has a great sense of humor.