Billing Systems

Enhancing Utility Operations

Though the benefits of an integrated and efficient billing system are plentiful, implementing an effective solution can be an overwhelming and difficult task. It is a multifaceted project that requires a capable, knowledgeable partner to ensure minimal disruption to both the city’s departments and the community.

UMS has successfully managed the data transition, decommissioning, and commissioning of over 100 billing solutions for utilities and cities nationwide. We are a product-independent firm, which allows us to focus on finding our partners the best solution for their individual needs.

Our experienced and highly-specialized integration team provides full, end-to-end programs, in addition to standalone services that assist utilities with individual stages of the process. No matter our level of involvement, we take full accountability of your project from start to finish and ensure a successful outcome.

The Value of a Billing System for Utilities and Cities

Billing Systems collect, store, and process customer data, such as property location, service history, consumption, payment records, and other information relevant to utilities and cities. The value of a billing system lies not only in the data integrity it provides, but also in its accessibility for the billing department and ease-of-use for the customer.

These systems provide the framework for enhanced engagement between a city and its community. Having a robust and up-to-date system is essential for utilities to deliver exceptional customer service, simplify business processes, and improve revenue streams.