Smart City Design & Integration

Helping Make Your City’s Data Usable and Useful

What is a “Smart City?”

A “Smart City” is one in which embodies the Smart Cities Council’s 3 core values: livability, workability, and sustainability. Ultimately, the goal of a smart city is to provide a higher quality of life to its residents. This is achieved by collecting and analyzing real-time data in an effort to reduce costs, conserve resources, and improve the efficiency of services for all city assets.

UMS Smart City Intgration

How does UMS help cities become “smart?”

In order to implement the appropriate solution, it’s imperative to understand the problem facing many cities today. Government departments tend to operate as they have for many years: in silos. For example, individual departments may purchase hardware or software that solves some of their key problems, but doesn’t address other departments or the organization as a whole. This results in multiple systems that don’t talk to each other and, by default, an overload of data with no plans or resources to put it to good use. 

UMS is an expert in smart city design and integration. We evaluate existing technologies, resources, and limitations, and deliver fully-custom frameworks to guide the selection and integration of “smart city” programs. In simple terms, we show cities how to make their data useful.