Water Conservation

Save Water. Save Money.

Water conservation efforts not only benefit the environment, but can save your facility money. In fact, our Water Conservation program actually pays for itself with time!

UMS has extensive experience with supply-side water meter systems as a result of our background in Advanced Metering. This knowledge enables us to better understand customer water demand, and, in turn, leads to a better understanding of viable industrial, commercial, and institutional water conservation programs.

Using our proven UMS Water Cycle methodology, we analyze, engineer, and manage your custom water conservation program from start to finish.

UMS Water Cycle

Analysis: Our experienced survey team conducts an investment-grade audit to gather data and determine the best strategy for your industrial, commercial, or institutional water conservation solution. An accurate baseline model is developed utilizing audit findings and billing histories.

Engineering: A custom solution is engineered to address all problem areas identified in the water audit. Savings realized from the solution are generated from water, energy, and material deferment (not including labor). Additionally, by using our proprietary software, UMS is able to model both weather-dependent and independent data for more defined savings.

Management: By utilizing our qualified program management staff and taking advantage of an extensive manufacturer network, UMS is able to implement complete, end-to-end solutions on a swift timeline.

UMS Water Conservation Utility Program