Project & Construction Management

To Plan. On Time. Within Budget.

The physical installation, whether it be of meters or a billing system solution, is only one part of a utility efficiency project. To ensure benefits are maximized and disruptions to the community are minimized, projects must be closely monitored and controlled. Often times, however, utility directors don’t have the time or resources to manage such complex and multifaceted ventures on their own. That’s where UMS can help.

UMS Utility Program Management

UMS offers Project & Construction Management services, which allows utilities to take a hands-off approach and focus on their day-to-day operations while still ensuring a successful outcome.

Our background in construction and implementation gives us an advantage over firms who specialize only in engineering, design, and consulting. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, and know the ins and outs of the industry.

Our balanced approach to project management and quality control allows us to complete the project rapidly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. We ensure that project performance is visible, measurable, and tracked, and that risks are identified and mitigated.

Project & Construction Management services oversee:

  • Project Status & Communication
  • Outside Vendors & Partners
  • Construction/Implementation
  • Resources (Equipment & Personnel)
  • Project Scope

  • Risk Management & Issue Resolution
  • Deliverables/Acceptance
  • Budget/Cost Control
  • Contract Management
  • Quality Assurance