Systems Integration

Synchronizing Your Systems

On the quest to become “smart,” utilities, municipalities, and cities across the nation are constantly bombarded with technology and vendors promising to optimize efficiencies of services and improve the sustainability of their communities. Often times, the procurement of these technologies happens in silos. The water department gets one solution, the electric department gets another, waste department, another, etc.

While individual solutions may meet the needs of the departments they serve, they do not fall in line with the “Smart City” philosophy of interconnected systems and shared data. To be effective, a systems integration must take place.

UMS’ systems integration team specializes in integrating software packages together to allow information to flow to and from normally independent systems. This includes internal proprietary UMS software as well as external systems such as telemetry, SCADA, GIS, etc. This large-scale, comprehensive integration enables your organization to make smarter decisions, offer personalized services, and provide more value to citizens.

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