Water Meter Testing

Small Drops = Big Bucks

For water utilities, meter accuracy is a matter of dollars and cents. An over-registered meter will charge for water never received, and under registration will cause a revenue loss. Having your water meters tested by an accredited testing facility can keep your utility’s money from being washed down the drain… literally!

UMS Water Meter Testing

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

Utilizing industry standards, the latest certified testing equipment, and a dedicated testing staff, UMS can accommodate all of your water testing needs. Our testing capabilities provide utilities, water authorities, and meter manufactures with unbiased flow measurement assessments. Each meter is tested to AWWA C700 low-, intermediate-, and high-flow standards.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our newly-designed water meter testing facility utilizes a gravimetric system to accurately weigh water that has passed through the device. Assessments can be operated at flow rates up to 150 GPM for water meters 5/8” – 2” in diameter. Our facilities have the capabilities to test water meters in a wide range of operating conditions, similar to those they’d experience during service.

The versatility of our facility makes it ideal for meter studies, research and development, or dispute resolution.