“Utilities often find themselves in a situation where they need to prove the accuracy of their water meters but don’t know where or how to do it. Utility Metering Solutions’ meter testing services offer the utility convenient, affordable options for both in-laboratory, and on-site testing.”

Chad Davis – President, Utility Metering Solutions

Water Meter Testing by Utility Metering Solutions

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Water Meters

Technician testing meters in the UMS test laboratory.Maintaining accurate water meters is critical to operations and should be every utility’s top priority. A small percentage of inaccuracies can amount to a sizable reduction of revenue; it’s literally a matter of dollars and cents. Additionally, when water meters are not properly calibrated, water is being wasted. It is estimated that 2.1 trillion gallons are lost every year in the United States, in part, to faulty water meters. Testing your water meters not only keeps money from being washed down the drain, but promotes water conservation and sustainability efforts within your community. When water production and distribution is more effectively tracked, operations become more efficient – allowing you to provide the best service and lowest possible rates to customers.

Utility Metering Solutions Water Meter Testing

UMS operates a state-of-the- art water meter testing facility. Utilizing a gravimetric system, we quickly and accurately provide utilities, water authorities, and water meter manufacturers with high quality, unbiased flow measurement assessments. With testing programs available for any water meter type or brand, our versatile facility is ideal for meter studies, research and development, and third-party dispute resolution.

Assessments can be operated at flow rates up to 150 GPM for water meters 5/8” – 2” in diameter. Our facilities have the capabilities to test water meters in a wide range of operating conditions, similar to those they’d experience during service.

  • Testing performed to AWWA C700 low, intermediate, and high flow standards
  • Equipment meets the requirements of ISO 4064, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001, ANSI/ NCSL Z540-1-1994, and OIML R49
  • Ultra low flow for an additional fee
  • 1-5 day testing turn-time
  • On-site testing for 3” and larger meters

Some of the most common reasons a utility may need to test their water meters include:

  • Billing Disputes – A customer claims that their water bill is higher than it should be, and the utility is forced to prove the accuracy of the meter in question.
  • Replacement Initiatives – A utility is considering upgrading their system to the latest Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Pulling a sample selection of meters to be tested can give the justification needed to do a complete upgrade if the meters prove to be inaccurate.
  • Annual Testing – A random sampling of meters may need to be tested on an annual basis as part of a contract with the supplier, ensuring the meters are maintaining standards over time.
  • End Of Warranty – Most meters will have a stated warranty that guarantees its accuracy for a certain number of years. As the end of the warranty gets close, a utility may decide to test some of the meters before the warranty period is over.

or call Kristina Woodruff at 844-629-2837 x 3010

In-Laboratory Testing

Portable water meter test equipment for 3Water meters from ⅝” to 2” are tested in our state of the art meter testing facility. Our water meter test bench allows us to test hundreds of meters per day, ensuring an affordable service and a quick turnaround time for your utility.

In-laboratory testing has a turnaround time of less than 1 week in most cases.


⅝, ¾, and 1”

  • 1 – 10 = $38 each
  • 11 – 49 = $37 each
  • 50 or more = $36 each

1.5”, 2”

  • 1 – 25 = $95 each
  • 26 or more = $90 each

On-Location Testing

Water meters 3” and larger are tested on-site at your location. We understand that the cost of these larger meters typically makes it impractical to have a substitute meter available to allow you to send a meter off for testing. In these cases, we bring the equipment to you and test your meter/s on-site, ensuring minimal downtime.


Onsite testing of 3” and larger meters varies by geographic location, meter location (inside or outside), and the number of meters being tested. Please call for pricing.


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Putting Results Into Action

UMS not only provides top-of-the-line water meter testing and diagnostics. We also manage the design, build, and implementation of custom solutions for repair or replacement initiatives. UMS is the only partner your utility needs to achieve maximum operational efficiencies and provide the highest quality service to your customers.